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For Artists

For Artists

Open Call for local co-productions at Südpol


Since the 2021/22 season, there has been a biannual open call for local co-productions at Südpol. Groups and artists with a clear connection to Central Switzerland can apply. As a house for professional dance, theatre and performance productions, we want to bundle the process of local co-productions and make it transparent.


To apply for a co-production, artists and groups should submit an initial project draft in the form of a short dossier with a precise outline of the project in terms of content and form to the Head of Performing Arts. This should not exceed 6 pages (excluding the cover page).


It should contain the following information:
– Abstract (who, what, when, why, how)
– Artistic realisation, development and process (outlined)
– Content and dramaturgy (outlined)
– Spatial design (outlined)
– Initial ideas for diffusion and mediation
– Project management (precise timetable for production)
– Budget
– Team (names of all participants so far identified with short biography)


Deadline for projects to be shown from January to June 2024: 31 October 2022. Only complete dossiers can be considered.


Special consideration will be given to applications from groups/artists who are at the beginning of their own artistic career, as well as to formally experimental and/or boldly socio-critical project ideas.


Feedback on the submissions will be provided at the end of November 2022. If Südpol is fundamentally interested in the submitted project, an initial meeting will be arranged which will take place in the first half of December 2022. In the course of this meeting, a revision of the brief dossier and a further exchange can be discussed.


The number of artists and groups with whom a first meeting is arranged usually exceeds the number of possible co-productions. This means that even after the first meeting, it is possible that no co-production partnership with Südpol will be established.


Final definitive feedback on co-production requests will be communicated by mid-January 2023. In the event of unsuccessful funding from other funding bodies, the financing plan will be discussed again and a joint decision made as to whether the project is feasible.


Requests for national co-productions and guest performances, as well as requests for residencies and rehearsals can be sent throughout. Südpol reserves the right to make exceptions in the procedure if the situation requires it.


If you have any questions regarding the preparation of the first draft and budget as well as the overall procedure of the Open Call, please do not hesitate to contact the Head of Performing Arts.


Head of Performing Arts ad interim:
Nikolai Ulbricht
Further contact persons (among others)
Advice from IG Kultur Luzern: https://kulturluzern.ch/dienstleistungen/beratung
Free advice on preparing dossiers (online and in Zurich): https://www.artfaq.ch/beratung
For groups and/or artists with little experience in creating a dossier, here is a guide to creating funding applications.